Hokkaido Mathematical Journal

Accepted: 4 9, 2018
On the motive of Kapustka\UTF{2013}Rampazzo's Calabi-Yau threefolds
Robert Laterveer
Accepted: 4 20, 2018
The decompositional structure of certain fractional integral operators
Min-Jie Luo and Ravinder Krishna Raina
Accepted: 3 23, 2018
Integral curves of the characteristic vector field of minimal ruled real hypersurfaces in non-flat complex space forms
Makoto Kimura, Sadahiro Maeda and Hiromasa Tanabe
Accepted: 12 15, 2017
Truncated Euler-Carlitz numbers
Takao Komatsu, Vichian Laohakosol, and Pinthira Tangsupphathawat
Accepted: 1 22, 2018
Behavior of the Gaussian curvature of timelike minimal surfaces with singularities
Shintaro Akamine
Accepted: 1 27, 2018
Local stable and unstable manifolds for Anosov families
Jeovanny De Jesus Muentes Acevedo
Accepted: 12 19, 2017
Adic sheaves over weighted projective lines and elliptic curves
Jianmin Chen, Jinjing Chen and Yanan Lin
Accepted: 1 10, 2018
Hyponormality of singular Cauchy integral operators with matrix-valued symbols
Yoenha Kim, Eungil Ko, Jongrak Lee and Takahiko Nakazi
Accepted: 12 11, 2017
Comparison theorems on trajectory-harps for Kahler magnetic fields which are holomorphic at their arches
Qingsong Shi and Toshiaki Adachi
Accepted: 11 21, 2017
Coeffcient inequalities for q-starlike functions associated with the Janowski functions
H. M. Srivastava, Bilal Khan, Nazar Khan and Qazi Zahoor Ahmad
Accepted: 8 17, 2017
Grassmann geometry on the 3-dimensional non-unimodular Lie groups
Jun-ichi Inoguchi and Hiroo Naitoh
Accepted: 9 5, 2017
Note on asymptotic profile of solutions to the linearized compressible Navier-Stokes flow
Ruy Coimbra Charao and Ryo Ikehata
Accepted: 11 20, 2017
The unit group of a partial Burnside ring of a reducible Coxeter group of type A
Fumihito Oda and Masahiro Wakatake
Accepted: 8 29, 2017
Note on the integral operators in weighted Morrey spaces
Takeshi Iida
Accepted: 9 28, 2017
Hypergeometric functions interpolating Appell-Lauricella's FD and FA
Masaaki Yoshida
Accepted: 11 6, 2017
A finite group in which all non-nilpotent maximal subgroups are normal has a Sylow tower
Jiangtao Shi
Accepted: 5 10, 2017
Uniform convergence of orthogonal polynomial expansions for exponential weights
Kentaro Itoh, Ryozi Sakai and Noriaki Suzuki
Accepted: 1 29, 2018
Graded weak comultiplication modules
Rashid Abu-Dawwas, Malik Bataineh and Adeela Da'keek
Accepted: 5 9, 2017
The critical values of L-functions of base change for Hilbert modular forms
Cristian Virdol
Accepted: 6 9, 2017
Local well-posedness for the derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equation in Besov spaces
Cai Constantin Cloos
Accepted: 6 30, 2017
On the annihilators of formal local cohomology modules
Shahram Rezaei
Accepted: 4 27, 2017
Equation system describing the radiation intensity and the air motion with the water phase transition
Meryem Benssaad, Hanane Belhireche and Steave C. Selvaduray
Accepted: 7 31, 2017
Brauer groups of Chatelet surfaces over local fields
Accepted: 1 13, 2017
New applications of Campanato spaces with variable growth condition to the Navier-Stokes equation
Eiichi Nakai and Tsuyoshi Yoneda
Accepted: 7 26, 2017
Lipschitz continuity of α-harmonic functions
Peijin Li and Xiantao Wang
Accepted: 12 1, 2017
Vector valued inequalities and Littlewood-Paley operators on Hardy spaces
Shuichi Sato
Accepted: 3 14, 2017
A Le-Greuel type formula for the image Milnor number
J.J. Nuno-Ballesteros and I. Pallares-Torres
Accepted: 10 27, 2016
Isometric realization of cross caps as formal power series and its applications
Atsufumi Honda, Kosuke Naokawa, Masaaki Umehara and Kotaro Yamada
Accepted: 5 9, 2017
IPA-deformations of functions on affine space
David B. Massey
Accepted: 2 15, 2017
Rigidity of transversally biharmonic maps between foliated Riemannian manifolds
Shinji Ohno, Takashi Sakai and Hajime Urakawa
Accepted: 10 27, 2016
Estimates for the first eigenvalue of the drifting Laplacian on embedded hypersurfaces
Jing Mao and Ni Xiang
Accepted: 10 6, 2016
Discrete green potentials with finite energy
Hisayasu Kurata and Maretsugu Yamasaki
Accepted: 4 19, 2017
Rigidity theorems for compact Bach-flat manifolds with positive constant scalar curvature
Haiping Fu and Jianke Peng
Accepted: 4 19, 2017
Moving frames and conservation laws of a Lagrangian invariant under the Hyperbolic Rotation-Translation group
Yousef Masoudi and Mehdi Nadjafikhah
Accepted: 1 27, 2017
Finiteness theorem for bi-C^0-K-equivalence of pairs of map germs
Lev Birbrair, Joao Carlos Ferreira Costa and Edvalter Da Silva Sena Filho
Accepted: 6 16, 2017
A characterization for tropical polynomials being the minimum finishing time of project networks
Takaaki Ito
Accepted: 1 26, 2017
Spatial asymptotic profiles of solutions to the Navier-Stokes system in a rotating frame with fast decaying data
Raphael Schulz, Reinhard Farwig and Yasushi Taniuchi
Accepted: 10 31, 2016
The existence of Leray-Hopf weak solutions with linear strain
Ryohei Kakizawa
Accepted: 1 18, 2017
The influence of nonnormal noncyclic subgroups on the structure of finite groups
Jiangtao Shi, Ruchen Hou, Cui Zhang
Accepted: 2 29, 2016
Generalized Lucas numbers of the form wx^2 and wV_mx^2
Merve Guney Duman, Ummugulsum Ogut, and Refi?k Keskin
Accepted: 6 9, 2016
On a certain invariant of differential equations associated with nilpotent graded Lie algebras
Takahiro Noda
Accepted: 4 20, 2018
The inverse limit of the Burnside ring for a family of subgroups of a finite group
Yasuhiro Hara and Masaharu Morimoto
Accepted: 4 15, 2016
Automorphisms of order three of the moduli space of Spin-Higgs bundles
Alvaro Anton Sancho
Accepted: 5 11, 2017
Well-chosen weak solutions of the instationary Navier-Stokes system and their uniqueness
Reinhard Farwig and Yoshikazu Giga
Accepted: 4 19, 2016
Regular homeomorphisms of R3 and of S3
Khadija Ben Rejeb
Accepted: 1 30, 2017
E-polynomials associated to Z4-codes
Togo Motomura and Manabu Oura
Accepted: 5 16, 2016
Reeb components of leafwise complex foliations and their symmetries II
Tomohiro Horiuchi
Accepted: 1 26, 2016
Characterizations of three homogeneous real hypersurfaces in a complex projective space
Makoto Kimura and Sadahiro Maeda
Accepted: 3 24, 2016
Fractal functions with no radial limits in Bergman spaces on trees
Joel M. Cohen, Flavia Colonna, Massimo A. Picardello and David Singman
Accepted: 2 29, 2016
Fold singularities on spacelike CMC surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski space
Atsufumi Honda, Miyuki Koiso and Kentaro Saji
Accepted: 1 21, 2016